The Stars of the Show.

Algae are important to all life on earth and without them we wouldn't be here today. They are responsible for 50% of carbon recycling, providing much of the earths oxygen. They also produce crucial nutrients for many of our ecosystems, making them a great plant based source of Omega 3 EPA/DHA, complete protein, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.  


Meet Nanno, a marine phytoplankton, made up of a singular robust cell. Their cell wall is so tough, that our digestion can't break it down and so they have to come 'pre-popped' for people to be able to absorb their nutrition. 

Nanno is the true source of EPA Omega 3 usually found only in fish oil. It also contains a nice even split between protein, fat and carbohydrate along with B12, iron, zinc and copper, things rarely found in other plants.   




Meet Spirulina, a multi cellular blue-green algae. Spirulina has a weak cell wall and is easily broken down by our digestion.

Documented to have seen use as a human food as early as the 16th Century by the Aztecs. Spirulina is high in protein, containing anywhere from 60-70%. It has high levels of iron along with containing B12, zinc and copper. It also contains a rare protein called Phycocyanin, which is a naturally occurring blue pigment that gives it that distinct blue hue.

Arthrospira platensis