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Good for you,

Good for the planet.

We believe that it is possible to eat food that is both good for you and our planet. In fact, we know this is true for all of our products. How do we know this? We make sure our products meet all 6 of our core values. 


All of our products are sustainably produced. The algae we use are grown outdoors to let them grow the way they were naturally designed to.

The team.

Our team was brought together over a shared passion for using algae to bring about a more sustainable and environmentally secure food future for humanity. We bring together experts in their fields to make this goal a reality. 
Peer brings decades of experience in research and cultivation from his work as the head of Shenk labs at the University of Queensland.
Anna brings an in-depth understanding of industrial chemical processes alongside her experience working an algae farm.
Adrian brings a comprehensive knowledge of designing and constructing our systems.
Founded at the beginning of 2019, we have been working diligently towards our goal and have developed several new and innovative food products with the aim of bringing widespread appeal to the concept of using algae as a food.