Good things

take time.

Our products are currently still under development and not available for purchase yet. Stay informed to keep updated on any developments. Here's a sneak peek for those of you who just can't wait to see.


No these are definitely not sea grapes, these are our Spirulina pearls. They are made from fresh Spirulina grown on our farm at the Sunshine Coast. They don't taste anything like Spirulina powders or tablets and actually do a better job keeping the nutrition safe and fresh until eaten. They also have a prebiotic effect not found in regular Spirulina products. We hope to be running our first customer trials soon! 

Spirulina Pearls


This is Raw Spirulina paste as it is harvested fresh from our pond. It has a mild taste and doesn't taste anything like Spirulina powders and tablets. It's also chock block with nutrients as it hasn't been through the destructive drying process used for the dried Spirulina products. Due to distribution difficulties we are unable to offer this for sale online but are in talks with Sunshine Coast based retailers to make this product available. Check back soon! 

Raw Spirulina Paste